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These earrings are a sort of modification of the design presented in this entry. In the version above I have a larger bead cap and only have one tier. Decided to have the two dangling amethyst drops hanging from sterling chain to give the earrings more length. Then I antiqued the silver, not unlike the original ones.

I'm probably throwing names around but they just reminded me of an Art Deco-ish lamp.Our Cassandra was so taken with them that she wanted a pair done in peridot. Those are now done but waiting to be antiqued. I'll post them on here (at some point).

I am gearing up for the busy craft show season, even though mine will be somewhat cut short by the husband-planned three-week trip to New England (where I intend on introducing myself to some Boston Craft Mafia peeps).

I haven't taken classes in a while and I miss that but there are a lot of new things that I learned in a short period of time that I haven't used. I need to re-acquaint myself with these skills and put them into use.

Go me :)
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In the weeks leading up to the 50 Foot Wave/Mission of Burma show at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, the_paddy was musing about sharing Newport, Rhode Island-isms with 50 Foot Wave frontwoman/guitarist Kristin Hersh (yep, she of Throwing Muses fame). Kristin spent her formative years in Newport and she and John (and especially John's cousin, also named John) knew a lot of the same people.

John suggested I make Kristin a pair of earrings, something "watery" to remind her of Newport. Well, why not? I guess it could be a way of thanking her for 1994's Hips & Makers ;)

Well, here's the result (although not a very good picture of it):

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and watery is probably a good description of my favourite colour scheme :)))) That's a nice fat green fluorite rondel wire-wrapped by fine gauge sterling silver, dropping down to a cluster of iolite (also called "water sapphire") coins attached to a length of cable chain which ends with a teardrop-shaped peacock pearl. I ended up using the design (with varying colours and stones) a few times in production since.

I ended up meeting Kristin and her band but John didn't (this time). She was surprised that I had made her a pair of earrings and seemed delighted. I hope she wears them in good health :)
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So I have been very very busy. I am now a member of the Seattle Craft Mafia and am getting involved with IHR and Urban Craft Uprising and the events they put on. As part of my duties as Capa Bastone, I am maintaining seacraftmafiaas well as the private forum we have. I did my first show on 16th September when IHR provided vending outside the Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle for the Decibel Festival. Here's my table from that show - taken by my phone so the quality's not all that good:

It was interesting for a first show as it wasn't all that busy for anyone but it was still a good place for a humble first time. I got to get to know the people around me, people I will be seeing at future shows, esp UCU and IHR events. Cassandra and spitkittenhad a bit of a pickle in the morning because there weren't the amount of tents the festival organisers had promised. Cassandra called in a few favours (because she's a respected member of the community) and VOILA we almost had more than we needed :) spitkittenand Cassandra really work well together (and everyone else) and I'm glad they're co-running IHR :) They actually gave up vending that day to help out everyone else :)

(I did not get to fully document all of my inventory before the show so I just made sure I took pictures of everything so I'd know what I was talking about when I'd look at the books later. I did written inventory of what I had on the table. I plan on doing the rest soonish, before IHR in October. Anyhoo, so the following pictures are not of the best quality but they're not necessarily supposed to be.)

Here are the items I sold:

These earrings are pretty simple. It's good to have simple and elegant items because not everyone wants to wear complex pieces everyday. I know my mood switches. So that's a Bali silver earwire that has kind of a three-leaf clover design on it with a small white round pearl hanging off it and a montana blue swarovski crystal bicone beneath. $15.

This bracelet features these neat Bali Silver beads that I want to call "basketweave" but they're more like a patterned vase shape. I've got red garnet heishe (disk) beads and rustic green garnet rondels sandwiched by evergreen coloured button pearls. Strung on soft-flex wire and finished off with sterling silver (of course!) components. $20.

This one was such a charmer that I have since remade it adding antiqued bali silver cornerless cubes. I need to show my Litvak by featuring more amber. This bracelet is made of cognac amber, dark green pearls and faceted green tourmaline. $25.

My next show is IHR (aka I Heart Rummage) on Sunday, October 1st. Seattle Craft Mafia is actually the special guest and we're representin' at a table near the front door. The promise of the Crocodile's Sunday Brunch may even bring the_paddyout to Belltown! Ging!

I need to post more often - I plan on it. I have lost the password to paddylitvakso I'm going to have to buy the name back (as there's been no activity so it's pretty much a dead account). I will re-create it as a selling journal with links to this one (whose name I will change, not sure to what as of yet) as an online gallery/blog, which is what it already is. I tried to make a nice website and even found some free tools but it was too much of a pain and Comcast doesn't like my etsy store link (it forwards the customer to the Etsy storefront instead). So LJ it is for now. Or for soon ;)
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This is a bracelet I made as a "thank you" gift for comraderadmila's mom. She has been studying up on gems and is particularly entranced by the rare and vibrant tsavorite garnet.

Because tsavorite garnets are relatively rare they're pretty darn expensive. I was lucky enough to get a strand of the small, high quality faceted gems at wholesale. I matched them up with some iolite rondelles and pearls and added some bali silver into the mix for some extra flash.

I also started up my etsy shop - paddylitvak.etsy.com which is also linked on www.paddylitvak.com. Admittedly, I'm having a little trouble with the pictures after they've uploaded to the site but I'll figure it out. I'm adding items every week and advertising on various LJ communities. I'm also planning on joining the Seattle Craft Mafia at their July 22nd meeting.

Here we go!
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This necklace was inspired by those part-pearl, part-braided pastel leather necklaces.

Between where the moonstone rounds and faceted pearls are strung I chose "stations" of garnet heishe surrounded by bali silver and accented with rose quartz buttons. There are also bali silver spacers between some of the pearls.

The earrings feature a cascade of moonstone and garnet coins with a faceted pearl peeking from the bottom. (Yes, those are handmade sterling earwires.)
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I wanted to title this entry "somewhat randomness" but that would clash with the themes of the previous titles.

Sometimes I just get an idea for something I wouldn't necessarily wear myself but that I feel needs to be created. I think this is what happened here.

I love how the opaqueness of the aquamarine nuggets matches that of the snow quartz cubes.

And how the fire of the citrine ends up actually complementing the two "colder" stones.

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This is the bracelet I alluded to in previous posts - the one Mrs. Booger tried to steal ;) It's the new twist on wire only without the leaves. I think I want to try to make a necklace in the same fashion as well but probably with the pearl/garnet/peridot theme. DEFINITELY want to make more bracelets in this theme but next one will probably feature antiqued silver.

I used plain aquamarine teardrops and ittybitty peacock pearls with silver wire and silver chain, with two peacock pearls to finish it off before the toggle clasp. It's a little delicate but it just dances about the wrist in such a happy fashion :)
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After seeing some of the necklaces I'd made Mrs. Booger, her aunt wanted one made for her birthday. She wanted me to use this as a reference but with a more golden/purple/garnet theme and with garnets on silver links instead of strung pearls.

Of course, I told Booger it would NOT be $178 :)

So I put this lovely together:

Garnet buttons on sterling silver links with a pendant made of sterling chain, sterling wire, and briolettes.

From left to right: tourmaline, faceted garnet, faceted iolite, faceted golden fluorite, tanzanite, faceted garnet, and tourmaline.

Kimberlee LOVES her necklace and now wants matching earrings. Unfortunately this poses a bit of a challenge as I don't have any matching golden fluorite briolettes so it looks like it's going to be iolite and garnet.
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Here's one of my favourite pieces. It's made from cherry amber rounds, faceted iolite buttons, and dove blue pearls.

The pendant is Tara Brisbine-inspired and made from hammered 20 gauge silver wire. Those are cherry amber rounds, iolite ovals, a cherry amber oval, and bali silver headpins with a flat-backed dove blue pearl wired to the pendant itself.

Of course I had to make a bracelet to match :)

No matter how many stringed pieces I do I will never fall out of love with the wonder of wireworking. Rosary links will always tug at my heart :)
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Sometimes simplicity can be amazingly beautiful.

I finally have a source for great fluorite beads - even the elusive blue fluorite. This bracelet is made from blue fluorite buttons and faceted iolite ovals.

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